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    Tune Buddies


Miami, FL -- Warner Bros. Publications announced today that the first commercial application for the company's new 80mm MiniDVD format will be the award-winning music education series Tune Buddies™.

Tune Buddies™, produced by Warner Bros. Publications in cooperation with children's producer Power to Create, Inc., is a live-action video series that introduces children to the pleasures and creative power of musical instruments. Tune Buddies™, will be supported by an interactive web site www.tunebuddies.com where children can play games, sample sounds and view video streams while learning more about the instruments and the styles of music they make. Pre-order date is October 3, 2001 and street date is October 28, 2001. Warner Media Services will be handling the packaging and media manufacturing while WEA Corp. will handle distribution on MiniDVD as well as the VHS format for Tune Buddies™.

"We are very excited about launching this new configuration with our products", said Tim Landers of Warner Bros. Publications, New Media. "The first time I saw the MiniDVD I started thinking about all the applications and potential of this configuration. It lends itself to so many programs without sacrificing any of the benefits and features of a full-sized DVD. This format benefits everyone from the producer to the retail community and ultimately the consumer". Warner Bros. Publications is planning an aggressive release schedule utilizing the MiniDVD format with the next launch, scheduled for late November 2001, being the best selling guitar instruction series SongXpress®.

MiniDVD Fact Sheet

The MiniDVD is the latest optical media innovation from WEA Advanced Media Operations (WAMO), for which Warner Media Services provides sales and marketing services and support. The 80mm diameter DVD disc is smaller than the traditional 120mm DVD disc but offers an impressive amount of capacity for its size.

MiniDVD discs are currently available in single-sided 1.46 Gigabyte (GB), double-sided 2.92GB, and dual layer, single-sided 2.66GB configurations. According to the company, MiniDVD disc replication provides cost economies when compared to 120mm DVD manufacturing.

"We're extremely pleased that the MiniDVD was selected for the Tune Buddies DVD series launch," said Pierre Loubet, Vice President of Sales, Advanced Media for Warner Media Services. "The format delivers Goliath-size features and performance quality in a David-size disc."

Loubet believes that the MiniDVD format is ideally suited to a wide assortment of entertainment, business-to-business and promotional applications in which programming requires less time than theatrical film releases. He says interest in the format is enthusiastic with applications already being produced for promotional mailings, DVD-ROM samplers and DVD Audio music discs.

Tune Buddies™ Packaging Fact Sheet

Warner Media Services, through its Ivy Hill package design and manufacturing affiliate, is supplying a unique package created especially to market every Tune Buddies MiniDVD title to maximum effect in video stores, toy stores, mass merchandisers and all other retail categories that will market the series.

The package's objective is to create a bold "billboard" that attracts attention and provides a pallet for the familiar graphics and Tune Buddies logo used on the established VHS packages, while being versatile and easy to use and secure in the retail environment.

The Tune Buddies MiniDVD packaging allows the retailer to decide how best to merchandise the product. Each MiniDVD is safely encased in its own mini-folder that gets inserted into a backercard prior to shrink-wrapping the entire package. The backercard is the same size as the current full size DVD package, such as the Snapper. This allows the MiniDVD to be placed in browser bins or hung on a display hook alongside other standard-sized DVDs. After purchasing, the mini folder becomes the keeper and the consumer discards the backercard.

Company Backgrounds

Warner Media Services is the sales and marketing arm for WEA Manufacturing, the world's largest producer of recorded media, and Ivy Hill Corporation, an award-winning package design and manufacturing company. Both are considered pioneers in their respective fields. Through its WAMO division, WEA Manufacturing envisions and realizes advanced media formats that satisfy both industry and consumer expectations for optical technologies. It's ability to regularly forecast new areas of possibility keeps WAMO and WEA on the leading edge of its field. For information regarding Warner Media Services, WEA Manufacturing and Ivy Hill Corporation, contact: Margaret Higgins, 375 Hudson Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10014; phone: 212-741-1404.

Warner Bros. Publications (WBP) is the largest print music publisher in the world, with a global network of marketing and sales offices, production, and distribution facilities. Headquartered in Miami, Fla., WBP is the home of the most respected product lines in music education, as well as powerhouse pop catalogs, and top instructional videos and DVDs. For information on the Tune Buddies or SongXpress product lines, contact: Perry Bashkoff, Warner Bros. Publications, 15800 NW 48 Ave., Miami, FL 33014; phone: 305-521-1747.



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