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    Instrumental Classmates

Power to Create Makes Music Education Fun!

Northwest producer of Award Winning Children's Videos Releases New Edutainment Series: "Instrumental Classmates"

Seattle, Washington - In a time when funding for music education is being cut in schools all across the country, many kids these days don't have the chance to discover music what they hear on the radio or catch on MTV. But through a great new educational video series called Instrumental Classmates, from Seattle-based Power to Create, kids and teens have an opportunity to get excited about all kinds of music - and to even be inspired to take up an instrument themselves!

Released through Warner Bros. Publications, Instrumental Classmates is a fun introduction to the families of instruments that make up not only symphonies and classical quartets, but also jazz, rock and even marching bands. Kids can identify with the video's "hip" teen host, who introduces each instrument group in his own goofy and lovable way. From percussion to woodwinds, to brass and strings, these videos take us from the stage, to the street, to the studio - and even the football field, to experience musicians off all kinds as they practice and perform.

"The Instrumental Classmates series fills a very distinct niche in the video market," comments Power to Create founder, Ken Urman. "We asked ourselves, how can kids be inspired to learn an instrument? What resources are out there? We found that there wasn't a product series available that introduced kids to all the various instruments in a motivational way. We created Instrumental Classmates to do just that."

The Telly award-winning Meet the Instruments video is the first in the Instrumental Classmates series, which also includes videos that examine specific instrument groups. The series will be available through Warner Bros. Publications (1-800-628-1528).

Power to Create is best known for its critically acclaimed Real Wheels series. Featuring "You Are There" journeys into the adult world of machines, the Real Wheels series helps children picture themselves in the driver's seat of some of the world's most exciting and powerful vehicles. The videos even treat children to behind-the-scenes looks at careers they love to dream about through views of astronauts in training, police officers as they work with the community, and construction workers building a skyscraper.

Meet the Instruments is a production of Power to Create Inc. for the worldwide leader in printed Music and instructional music videos. Warner Bros. Publications, a Warner Music Group Company.



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