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Instrumental Classmates™ • • • • • • • • • •
  It's everything kids ever wanted to know about musical instruments

This ground breaking video series takes children on an educational and entertaining journey through exciting musical territory where they will:
  • Explore the history of music
  • Learn about the families of instruments
  • Experience different styles of music
Kids identify with the series' teen host, who introduces each instrument group in his own goofy and lovable way. From percussion to woodwinds, to brass and strings, these programs take kids from the stage, to the street, to the studio--even the football field, to experience musicians of all kinds as they practice and perform.

This series is distributed by Warner Brothers Publications & Alfred Publishing. The 5 disc DVD learning kit is now available with Spanish language option.

Genre: Instructional
Program length: 45 minutes per disc
Format: Video, DVD

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