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    Here are a few of the projects Power To Create, Inc. has in development:

Inquisitive Minds
Currently the pilot episode is in production and 13 episodes of this educational series are in development. This series fulfills a young child’s fascination and curiosity for the world around them. Each topic is presented in an easy to understand live-action format that builds a foundation for further exploration and educational opportunities.
  • What is it?
  • Why does it exist?
  • How does it work?
  • What does it do?
  • Why is like that?
Every episode flows through questions that children often ask and dazzling video images to help answer those questions. Viewers are drawn in with visits to fascinating locations and easy to understand explanations. These programs are great for independent viewing or for use in classrooms and other learning environments. The pilot episode Energy - Power - Electricity takes viewers to neat location to learn about what energy is all about, how electricity is produced and how does it get to our homes.
Episodes include:
  • Astronomy & Space
  • Weather & Climate
  • Rocks & Minerals
  • Energy - Electricity
  • Flight
  • Ocean & Beaches
  • Seeds, Flowers, Plants & Trees

Amazing Hotels
Produced in association with John McLean Media (distribution) and Marc Pingry (Production) the first season of this program is in development. Our pilot has already been produced and was recently presented at MIPTV. Response was great and we look forward to having the series picked up by several outlets.

For more information about the content of this program, check out Amazing Hotels in our Portfolio section.

Guitar Xpress Music Instruction
First-time players and pros alike will love Guitar Xpress. This project will teach musicians of all levels how to play the songs they know and love—in 30 minutes or less. Initially for VOD distribution, the segments and programs will be repurposed for DVD and other media outlets.

Power To Create, Inc. is working on a series of "How to Presentations" that solve a problem or help create an experience. These DVD "Shorts" will sell for a reasonable retail price point ($4.95 - $6.95), using non-traditional DVD merchandising

Sample topics include:
  • Three Ways to Cook the Perfect Turkey
  • Cook Like Mom—The Traditional Way
  • Elegant Deserts for Every Occasion
  • How To Plant the Perfect Veggie Garden
  • Halloween—The Easy Way
  • Dinner Parties for Simpletons

  • 3 Holiday Releases: The Best Turkey Ever -
    DVD Guide to Turkey Cooking
    From buying to carving in 10 easy steps

  • The Best Winter Holiday Dishes
    DVD Guide to Cooking Side Dishes for your holiday meal
    10 recipes 10 easy steps

  • The Best Winter Holiday Deserts
    DVD Guide to Cooking the Deserts for the holidays
    10 recipes 10 easy steps

This entertaining sing-along DVD will feature favorite kid-tunes from the Music Expressions library.

REAL WHEELS for Warner Home Video
Fans will be glad to hear that at least 3 and perhaps as many as 6 new Real Wheel episodes will be roaring their way. Warner Home Video plans to continue the series branding with shows that are similar to the existing library. Currently PTC is developing new concepts for these shows.

Told through ABC's, Colors and Shapes

Children's books often make use of the alphabet, numbers and colors to highlight and describe subjects. Often bright attention-getting graphics are overlaid to highlight real world subjects. We will focus on special features of trucks using this book-style concept through video special effects.


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