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Kids and their parents go bonkers for Real Wheels!

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I am four years old. I love your videos. My favorite video is "There Goes a Helicopter." I want to marry Becky when I grow up and am Dave. I like to put all of your videos in a row on the floor. Thanks for making the videos!

I like your movies. Please make one about army trucks.

I'm four years old. Make more tapes!

I'm almost three years old. I liked There Goes a Bulldozer very much!

My two-year-old LOVES the There Goes a Fire Truck and There Goes a Garbage Truck videos. We have been renting them each week and he can't get enough.
-A. Erie

I have purchased eleven of your videos and I wish to buy the remaining videos for my children...These videos are excellent and educational and my son started watching them at 1 year old. Not one day has gone by that he has not watched at least one of your videos!
-M. Atkins

My kids loved the new There Goes a Dump Truck video and watched it three times in a row, laughing hysterically at all the right parts. We are very loyal fans -- my son is obsessed with trucks, especially garbage trucks. I never in my life thought I would find a video all about garbage, but I did with your There Goes a Garbage Truck video. My kids constantly watch all of them. The way you mix humor with the educational material is a stroke of genius. We'll keep our eyes out for more videos in the future. Thank you!
-The DeSimone Family

My little budding Construction Engineer loved There Goes a Dump Truck! He just turned 3 and his infatuation with anything to do with Construction began when we purchased There Goes a Bulldozer almost 2 years ago!! We did purchase other tapes…and none are as entertaining as yours! Keep up the good work.
-S. Kolbinsky

I purchased There Goes a Dump Truck at Toys R Us in Myrtle Beach, S.C. I was so hoping to get an autographed picture for my son. Write back soon -- Your MOST loyal fans,
-H. Quattlebaum



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