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    From Grass Roots to Grand Things

Founded in 1992 by Ken Urman, Power to Create (PTC) is a best-selling, award-winning production company that has developed programming for:
  • The home entertainment market
  • The syndicated television market
  • Cable outlets
  • VOD
  • Public Television
In 10 years, PTC has produced several series of live-action programs for the children's market. PTC has distribution arrangements with:
  • Warner Home Video
  • Warner Brothers Publications
  • GoodTimes Entertainment
  • Alfred Publishing
Real Wheels Get Rolling

PTC was born when Ken Urman realized his children found real-life action more fascinating than fantasy characters.

His son's love of fire engines led Urman to produce There Goes A Fire Truck, which he distributed through direct-response advertising, TV infomercials and catalog placement.

Within six months, Fire Truck sold 10,000 units and recouped all marketing and production costs. In the next year, PTC set up distribution through National Syndications Inc. and There Goes A Fire Truck became the first program in the Real Wheels series.

When PTC and WarnerVision Entertainment, a Warner Music Group company, signed an international production and distribution agreement, Real Wheels started spinning out episodes.

Giant chains like K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us and the video retail giant Blockbuster chose Real Wheels for distribution and the series grew to 12 titles. PTC then added a new series, Hard Hat Harry Real Life Adventures
In 1996, Real Wheels went interactive when WarnerVision released existing titles on CD-ROM.

In 2003, Real Wheels premiered 13 episodes on Public Television. Coverage included the five Top Ten markets like New York City. In the 2004/2005 season, the show's coverage grew to over 80 stations across the country.

With Real Wheels, Power to Create has built a franchise that focuses on product longevity and brand extension. The Real Wheels series has sold over 6 million units and generated over $50 million in retail sales.

Sales of PTC's reality based series for children is expected to grow with America's latest obsession with DVD. For the 10-year anniversary of Real Wheels, Warner Home released two new Real Wheels DVDs in the fall of 2005.

PTC Gets Musical

Throughout 1996, program lines expanded with more titles and a sing-a-long series called Songs About. In 1999, PTC produced a new series, Instrumental Classmates, which was and distributed to the home video and educational markets by Warner Brothers Publications. In 2001, PTC and Warner Music Publishing launched the new series Tune Buddies. Then in 2002, PTC released its first DVD.

PTC and Warner Publishing released additional music products, including the Ultimate Beginners Series, Jr. for kids. This music instructional series included episodes for guitar, keyboards, drums and bass.

Future Plans
PTC has many projects in development, including a front row look at the latest developments in the automotive world entitled Driving Tomorrow. Another series in development is Amazing Hotels, a city-by-city travelogue of the coolest places to stay, not just the upscale; but also the funkiest, most eclectic, little-known gems.


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